The Pyramid of Medum is one of the oldest pyramids on the land of Egypt, even before the pyramid of the King Khofu
Also call it the pyramid of lies

_ In the beginning let us know that the construction of the Pyramid of Maidum was previously built by the Pyramid of King Khofu about sixty years
It is in the middle, Beni Sweif Governorate
And because I am related that the fourth family is from the age of the old state
They are the era of pyramids building, the discoveries confirmed that Maidum is older because it was started in the pyramid of Maidum at the end of the era of the third dynasty by King Huni and did not complete it.
When King Sanfro took over power, the founder of the fourth dynasty, completed the construction of the Maidum Pyramid

The pyramid of Medum holds a lot of mysteries that the Egyptian scientists were unable to classify its body, which is this a pyramid or the cube shape of a king’s tomb, or what exactly!
And what is the fact of its design and King Sunfro was thinking of any design or shape when he finished building it this way!
King Sanfro, who was called the greatest Egyptian builders, built the Curved Pyramid and the Red Pyramid

Speculation remained that the pyramid was designed like this is what the king actually wanted!
Or it was a full pyramid and had a partial collapse.. Or something went wrong during construction!
Thus the Pyramid of Medome will remain an enigma of the Ancient State!
A medoom pyramid with its own and unique design. Sometimes some think that it resembles the terraced pyramid built by King Zouser in Saqara. It is a layer of white lime, but in fact it does not take the pyramid shape and appears in the middle of the desert in the form of huge cubes of three degrees. I put a layer on them to make it a level pyramid Someone made it look like a real pyramid.
_ Also, Al-Mukrezi described in Haram Midoum as five degrees!! Which made some opinions to say that the pyramid was two degrees larger than its current form and that an earthquake did not lead to its collapse and it is likely that this collapse occurred during the era of advanced families means after its completion.
Other views suggested that the pyramid was not completed due to a collapse in the outer stratum during its work, it opened a wonder among the Egyptian pyramids.
_As for sure, the pyramid was built of seven degrees, there are only four degrees left, 45 meters high, and is at a height of 20 meters from the ground surface.
On the eastern side of the pyramid there is the funeral temple and although the area was not previously reserved for royal graves, King Sanfro as some historians can see completed the construction of the Pyramid of Medom near the residence of his reign (Jedi Sanfro) which is currently located near the city of Midom (Bni Sweif)
Also the selection of Egyptian engineers of that area to be located at the top of a rocky peak is qualified for the possibility of a huge pyramid pressure as well as its proximity to the ancient Egyptian capital and the Nile Valley which means it is a rich and attractive area and can be highly touristi

_Wait for us with the rest of the secrets of the ancient pyramids of Egypt .